Dr. Peter Francia

Director of the Center for Survey Research: Peter L. Francia, Ph.D​

Peter L. Francia (PhD, University of Maryland) is Director of the ECU Center for Survey Research in the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences and holds the rank of Professor in the Department of Political Science at East Carolina University. He is also the President of the Southern Association of Public Opinion Research (SAPOR), and the author of numerous books and articles on various topics related to American elections and public opinion. Dr. Francia’s insights on American politics have been included in the press accounts of national media outlets including CNN, National Public Radio, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

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Dr. Jonathan Morris

Senior Polling Scientist: Jonathan S. Morris, Ph.D

Jonathan S. Morris (PhD, Purdue University) is professor of political science at East Carolina University. His research focuses on the media and politics, including political humor, cable news, and political communication on social media. He is co-author of Politics is a Joke! How TV Comedians are Remaking Political Life, and has published in several journals, including Political Research Quarterly, Public Opinion Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and Political Behavior, Social Science Quarterly, Political Communication, and Sociological Forum.

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Affiliated Scholars

The CSR staff are members of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and Southern Association for Public Opinion Research. The Center is also an institutional member of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations.